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Good Samaritan Hospital (GSH) is an essential access community healthcare organization. We are part of a well established health system, consisting of GSH, Precision Psychiatric Services and Premier Medical Group (Urgent Care), which provides integrated medical and psychiatric care. 


A key goal for Good Samaritan Hospital is to work with the communities we serve to eliminate critical hurdles such as availability, affordability, competency in healthcare to become an all-inclusive provider for patients suffering from medical, mental health and addiction issues. 


In addition to all-encompassing health services, Good Samaritan Hospital intends to focus resources and energies on creating cohesive psychiatric programs with facilities in underserved areas. The initiative has taken shape with the inception of a Rural Health Clinic (RHC) in Wasco and 6 healing centers across Kern and Tulare County to provide post hospital short term care, recuperative care, Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) detox referrals and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services through outpatient facilities. The organization is now strategizing to expand operations to more integrated rural health clinics in Kern County.

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Our mission is to provide quality, homogenized care to all strata of the community with special focus on the underprivileged and neglected areas within the County. GSH propagates utmost diligence in creating an environment of physical, mental and spiritual healing for all its patients. Our team of dedicated physicians and well trained staff serve their patients with attentiveness, dignity and respect. We are working towards optimizing resources and expanding further into underserved areas with an acute dearth of psychiatric care. 


Provide opportunities for learning and development

Propagate dignity and respect in healthcare

Grow with the ever-changing needs of the community 

Eliminate hurdles such as availability, affordability, competency in healthcare

Serve the community beyond the walls of the hospital

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