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COVID-19 Crisis Care Guidelines

Nurse with Protective Mask
Care During a Public Health Emergency

​Good Samaritan Hospital (GSH) has seen a surge in COVID-19 patients. We are getting more patients transferred to us from Emergency Rooms and direct admissions from clinics. We are working hard to meet community needs, but medical resources (skilled staff, equipment, and supplies) are becoming limited. GSH wants to make the community aware of the approach we are taking to manage this COVID-19 crisis as ethically and compassionately as possible.

Good Samaritan Hospital's mission is to provide safe and effective medical and psychiatric care for all members of our community. GSH's Board, Administration, and Physicians have carefully planned crisis care guidelines, informed by ethical principles that also align with the California Department of Public Health Crisis Care Guidelines. The Public Health Crisis Guidelines outline fair and objective criteria to help guide clinical decision-making in a way that will help meet our patients' needs, while saving as many lives as possible during a public health emergency.


To ensure equity and justice, a triage team will base decisions on patients' health status and will not see patients' personal identification, such as name, gender, ethnicity, religion or age, in the process of making decisions. GSH as a healthcare leader, requests all community members to adhere to Public Health and CDC guidelines.  GSH asks the community to remain safe by wearing masks, social distancing, and avoiding all gatherings.  Please take care of yourself and others during these difficult times.

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